TOP 10 iconic school buses from around the world

These buses are used by schoolchildren in different countries. 1 place. USA, Ford B600 Superior This is the legendary and iconic American school bus that you see very often in films or even in animated series from the United States. In general, the Ford B600 platform itself is of great importance and popularity in the […]

Teacher of all Teachers Jan Amos Komensky: The role of a teacher in the school

Today in the world there are many diverse systems and teaching methods. Different specialists and adherents of different educational methods support different views. But, despite the difference in methodologies and didactic principles, all specialists are inclined to a single opinion. The key to successful education is the portrait of the teacher. How and exactly will […]

Grading State Fleets

The pollution performance of state school buses varies widely depending on fleet age, fuel choice, and investments in retrofits and cleaner fuels. This report analyzes the amount of pollution released from the average state school bus.18 Each state received a letter grade (A, B, C, or D) for modeled tailpipe soot pollution; we also evaluated […]


Support for this work was provided by Foundation M, The Energy Foundation, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.This report represents a compilation of hundreds of interviews with school bus transportation directors, state environmental agencies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), state and local nonprofit organizations, and researchers at the California Air resources Board (CArB). […]


School buses release particulate matter (soot), toxic air contaminants, and smog-forming pollu-tion from the tailpipe and leaky crankcases. While all of today’s school buses pollute, conventional diesel buses—particularly older models—release anywhere from 10 to more than 100 times as much soot as cleaner alternatives available today. Fine soot particles can evade the body’s normal defense […]


Minimize exposure.The federal government should set a goal of reducing children’s exposure to school bus pollu-tion to the lowest reasonable level. Through the five “rs,” emissions can be reduced 85 percent or more over the next five years. The U.S. Environ-mental Protection Agency’s (EPA) current goal of retrofitting or replacing all school buses by 2010 […]