TOP 10 iconic school buses from around the world

These buses are used by schoolchildren in different countries.

1 place. USA, Ford B600 Superior

This is the legendary and iconic American school bus that you see very often in films or even in animated series from the United States. In general, the Ford B600 platform itself is of great importance and popularity in the American market. Not only school buses are installed on it. By the way, the Ford B600 Superior has been produced since 1980.

2nd place. USA, Thomas FS-65

Exactly the same popularity as the Ford B600 has this school bus from the US TV series. This is a universal bus for schoolchildren, it even has an exit platform for disabled people, but inside everything is really the same as we are shown on TV screens. Produced since 1997, mainly equipped with a 7.2-liter engine with a capacity of up to 250 horses.

3rd place. USA, IC Bus RE

A bus for schoolchildren in the USA without a hood, a more recent model, produced since 2001. The interior is full of modern features, including wireless internet connection and satellite TV. Of course, since it was created for schoolchildren, it received the highest level of security.

4th place. Norway, Volvo B58-60

A very popular school bus in Norway, and it is painted not yellow, but red. He was in the service of many local schools in the 70s, but in the 90s it was already written off. Although in some Norwegian villages and cities, you can still find this samurai.

5th place. UAE, Ikarus 256.82

The first school bus that appeared in the UAE is a very good and strong model, roomy. The bus is designed for 76 seated passengers, the seats are arranged in 6 in one row and everything here is done at a safe level. Powerful 6-cylinder engine for 210 horses. True, today, in the UAE, such old buses are not needed, but they have kept one as a keepsake.

6th place. England, Optare Versa Diesel-Electric Hybrid

This ultra-modern bus is used by British schoolchildren today, and it is so innovative that it is powered by a hybrid power plant. In other words, kids need to know that it is best to use organic food, this 45-passenger school bus is just that.

7th place. China, DongFeng EQ6660

In China, a lot of school buses have already been tried, many are very different and there are copies of modern technology, they cannot do without copies. One of these is the DongFeng EQ6660, which resembles the American iconic buses. True, the dimensions are small, only 19 students can fit. As an engine, again, nothing super powerful, it’s a 115 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine.

8th place. Russia, PAZ-32063-70

Nothing has changed in Russia, and we still use the now iconic PAZ-32063-70 bus, which is designed for 22 passengers and can reach a speed of no more than 60 kilometers per hour. True, the PAZ has undergone small changes, for example, each chair has an emergency button, although she was friends, there is probably nothing new, Soviet technology. But, having seen such a bus, it becomes clear that schoolchildren are traveling, it is also written on it, children.

9th place. Brazil, Volare V8L 4×4

Well, a very interesting school bus in Brazilian schools, it doesn’t look familiar to us at all. Four-wheel drive SUV, I would call it that. Indeed, there, in the land of the hot sun, this car picks up children who cannot cover long distances or from remote villages. As you understand, he has no problems with cross-country ability.

10th place. USA, IC Bus SE

Finally, let’s add another model from America, since there are the most iconic schoolchildren and equipment there. Here is such an upgraded version of the IC Bus we have already considered. In appearance, this model has a hood, a salon is designed for 78 passengers, there is an engine even with a volume of 8.8 liters, you can switch to gas.

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